Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who had more fun?

Jordan got a slip and slide from Uncle John John for his birthday (in April). We just opened it last week! HA! My question to you is...Who had the most fun?!

He does it backwards!

So daddy wanted to show him how! lol

Go Daddy!

RUNNNN! Daddy is chasing me!

Ok, you have all the proof decide!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Jordan: "Daddy, you have issues."

Jeff: "What? No I don't."

Jordan: "Yes, Daddy, you have some issues."

Jeff: "Jordan, you don't even know what you are talking about. What does that mean?"

Jordan: "You have problems."

WOW! Great laugh for the night!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last playgroup for the summer...=(

Jordan and I have had such a wonderful summer with the Carters and the Crookstons...we hate that it has to end! Thursday was our last playgroup before I have to go back to work, so I took some pictures! I do have to say that this has been the best summer we have had since we have lived in Royse City. Sam and Aubrey are the best! We are going to have to make sure still get together during the school year!

Some of the kids stealing Soni's puff snacks! Poor Soni was taking a nap and couldn't even beat the kids up! haha

Jordan in Aubrey's chair...don't tell!

Uh oh! Jordan started it!

Now look what you have done! Ha! They are so cute!

Tate! He is so sweet!

Cartoons before lunch!

Such fun!!

Saturday Jordan and I went to the circus with Staci and Nana (that is what Jordan calls Staci's mom, she is like a Grandma to him! They spoil him so!) We had a blast! Nana had to have spent her life savings because I spent mine and I didn't spend nearly as much as she did! We all took pictures, but mine were a little too close to Jordan since I was sitting next to him. I will post the few good ones I have. When I get the pictures from Staci I will post more!

Jordan and Nana with his sword! Don't ask how much it was!!! I'm telling ya...don't ask!

Jordan and Staci!

Intense! We were in the 3rd row!!

Jordan with his hat (came with the $12 cotton candy!) and his snow cone. Of course he wouldn't eat the snow cone b/c all the juice was at the bottom, so we threw the ice away and this is what we had for $15!! It lights up! He is actually drinking his milk in it this morning!

I just love how excited he is! A clown threw a whole bucket of confetti on us!

I love Staci! The world wouldn't be the same without her!

I wish I knew what Jordan and Nana were so excited about, such a cute picture!

That's my boy!

Cute Jordan Moment:
We are in the car on the way home from a baseball game probably and this song called Buttonz came on the radio. Jordan says "I like this song" I asked why and he said "It's funny" again why? "The sandwhich part". At this point I am totally confused, so I listen a little better to the song. Here are the lyrics:
I'm telling you loosen up my buttons baby
But you keep fronting
Saying what you going to do to me
But I ain't seen nothing
The way they sing Saying what it does sound like sandwhich!
I thought it was too funny. And now any time I hear that song, that is all I will hear!! It is now the Sandwich song! It's a good thing I didn't like this song b/c it wouldn't be the same. But since it is a stupid song to begin works for me!

Monday, August 4, 2008


After Sam and I dropped Aubrey off to read Saturday, I stayed over at Sam's for a little while b/c the kids were playing. You have to see the cute picture of Jordan and Andi! I swear we did NOT pose them. I said "stand by Andi so I can take your picture" and this is what we got!! Isn't it sweet!?


Cute Jordan Moment:
We went to the Ranger game with Jason and Charise last night. (We buy a packet of free and half price tickets and such ever year) Anyway, Jordan and Charise were stealing the dot race "coupons" from each other and have too much fun... Charise told Jordan that the police were going to come get him for stealing her coupons. He says..."But police don't get good people and I AM GOOD PEOPLE!" It was pretty funny!

Then the wind picked up and trash was flying every where, on the field, in the sky, EVERYWHERE! Jordan puts his hands up in the air and says "It's a trash miracle out there". It was the wierdest comment of the night...just had to share!

We were a bit excited!!!

I will start by saying...if you have not the Twilight must!!! Staci has been trying to get me to read Twilight for at least a year now, finally she bought me the book and said I had to read it. Through the first chapter I was cursing Staci in my mind, second and third chapter came and I couldn't put the book down. I finished it and the next two books in my first 6 days of summer! Then...I had to sit and wait until August 2nd for the fourth and final book to come out. In the meantime, I learned that Sam and Aubrey too loved the books. I think we spent the majority of play group talking about the book like they were real people. We are nuts, I know! Aubrey bought the book that had the "Team Edward" iron on in it so she made a shirt. So Sam and I made a shirt Thursday night(we were up until 1 in the morning working on them...and kept her husband Cameron up too. Poor guy had to work the next morning). Saturday morning we were up and out of Royse City by 7:59. We went to pick up another crazed friend, Jennifer, and were on our way to Garland to get our books (that we called and reserved just incase!). We were the first ones there and were a bit dissapointed at the turn out. But of course the "real fans" were at the release party at costume! So we aren't that bad are we? Just look at the picture to judge for yourself!

That is all of us that met up and then went for breakfast!

I had to be in the middle because Aubrey is "Team Edward" Sam is "Team Jacob" and I want them both to win! So I am "Team Ed-Jake". We are cute, I know!

Here is the back of our really cool shirts that Cameron had to help us make!

So Aubrey was done with the book by like 10 that night. I just finished today, and I haven't talked to Sam today to see if she is finished. She has 4 little ones to take care of, so not sure she has had a lot of time!

I will not give any hints about the ending...I want you all to read the series!!!