Friday, March 26, 2010

Do you see that?!

It's the light at the end of the tunnel! And I can now see it!

I have signed up for my last 4 college classes! I can't wait to graduate! As long as I can pay for summer classes, I will be graduating in December! If not, we might end up having to push it back to the spring, but I'm praying for a way to pay! Just wanted to share! Thanks for everyone that has helped and supported me through this very, very long journey!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Someone...

Since I am home for the day, I thought I would join the cool kids like Sym and write letters to to people that will probably never see them, but it gets things off your chest! It was quite fun, I might have to keep up with this!

Dear Teenage girl working in the registrar's office at Commerce,
I believe I was very nice and patient with your ignorance until the 4th time you put me on hold to go ask someone the answers to my questions. I admit it was my stupidity for clicking the add button for Anatomy and Physiology before realizing it was II and not I (but in my defense it was 12:30 this morning); but you my dear girl, should not be answering the phones if you do not know how it all works to begin with! Oh well, I didn't need your help anyway, I cheated the system and got the dreaded class dropped. But I guess the joke is really on me...I have to drop another class for a summer session I don't plan on taking; therefore I have to do it your way...Such is life!
Frazzled College Student,

Dear little Brother In-Law,
I'm sorry you are going through some tough stuff with your girlfriend right now, but OH TO BE THAT YOUNG AND CAREFREE AGAIN! Remember you are only a freshman in college and you have lots of life to live! I do like your current broken up with girlfriend, but I want you to experience life to the fullest. So go live it!
Your big sis in-law living life through you sometimes,

Dear Rain,
You do help the Earth so much...but we are quite tired of you in Texas! It was such a tease for you to disappear over the first part of spring break, but now you are back and we don't like it! It makes the days long and gloomy.
Missing the sunshine and 70 degree weather,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go check out this give away!

Hey guys! My totally awesome friend is hosting a give away on her blog. If you are into movies this is the perfect give away for you! On the 15th of the month she will post a line from a movie and you have several ways to enter in the give away! You can always do like I did and google most of the answers! I knew one of the answers, but the rest came right off the internet! Gotta love the net for that!

The quote this time is "Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat."

So go check it out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Do I? or Don't I?

We stopped by Dad's house last night after dinner so that Sarah could get some clothes to stay the night. We ended up staying a couple of hours and helping with some of the cleanup help from the remodeling. Dad is fixing up the house and is spending quite a bit of time doing it (I know I probably would have given up long ago). He scrapped the popcorn off the ceilings and retextured them this weekend.
Jo wanted to help so bad so he was handed the mop. My first thought was "hey, if he is somewhat good at it, I can let me do it at home every once and a while". He started out really trying, even opened the pantry to get the floor in there...but then...he found it fun to try and get Bree with the mop instead. Like she said "he mops about as good as he rakes". I didn't get any more pictures, but he had way more fun with the squirt bottle. I'm with time we hide the squirt bottle!

So, will I let Jo mop the kitchen at home...The jury is still out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Silly Boy...

The other night Jeff and I were cleaning the kitchen and living room while Jo was eating some dinner. We had the music turned on and were moving right along. Okay, let me be honest with you, I WAS CLEANING, JEFF WAS SINGING most of the time! Big shocker I know! I threatened to turn the music off so that I could get some help and as I did, The Chair by George Strait came on so my sweet hubby and I danced in the kitchen. Jo thought this was the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen! I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were dancing, or if it was because it was in the kitchen...

Another story for ya:
This morning Jo wanted someone to get him some cereal and he came up with a plan on how to decide who. Remember when we used to play Any, Many, Miney, Mo? Here is how his new song goes...
First, Second, Third
Elementary Nerd,
High school Turd,
You just said a bad word!

Where do kids get these things anyway?!