Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's Catch Up!

HMMM It's been a while! I have some pictures from the past month to share with yall! My friend Jamie asked me to be in her wedding next year! I got to go dress shopping with the bride, her Daddy, her brother and Charise. Her dad was so excited he bought her the pink tank top and a hat that says "father of the bride". He was so pumped that he forgot to take the tag off the hat at first! Too cute!

Jordan's preschool had a Daddy and Me Rodeo at the beginning of the month. Jeff took a couple of pictures. Jordan talked about it for a week! Mom was jealous because Jeff got to go to the first event at Jordan's school...I PACK HIS LUNCH EVERDAY!!! I GET HIM DRESSED! And Jeff got to go?! I'm over it! Really I am! That's okay, b/c his Halloween party is next week and I am co-room mom!!

Stephanie and Nick got married this month. Jeff works with Stephanie. The wedding was beautiful and after the reception, they invited us to Southern Junction. The first picture is the awesome frame Sam made for me and I bought it from her Etsy shop. You should check it out... Aubrey also has an etsy shop, but I don't want to post the site yet, b/c I want to buy something on it for Mom and I don't want her to see it! haha! They both have some really great personalized gifts!

We had our last tee ball game of the season yesterday. Jordan was perfect! We were so happy! I have to explain the last picture...The coach will sometimes move the tee so the kids can step on home plate when they get a run. If the coach forgets...Jordan will pick it up and step on the plate and then set it back down! Isn't it cute!?

After the game we told Jordan we would take him somewhere fun if he didn't cry...Carla, Jeff's mom, had told us there was some kind of carnival in Wylie by the junior high, so we decided to take Jo there. It was called Convoy of Hope, when we walked in the handed both Jeff and I a yellow ticket for free groceries. They told us "Overr there was free hot dogs and ice cream, over here is the free kids zone, up there is free health care, hair cuts and clothes and at the very end take your ticket to the blue and white tent for your free groceries." We had no idea what was going on, we just assumed we would let Jordan play for a bit and go through the free groceries and pick up a few things and go home. When we go to the free groceries, they gave us each 8 bags of groceries...we left with 16 bags of groceries and 3 bags of hotdogs and buns! It was crazy! We had to get 8 green bags and 8 red bags. Each colored bag had about the same items in them, so we came home with: 8 cans of salt, 8 cans of pork and beans, 8 cans of veg-al, 8 cans of spagetti sauce, 8 cans of diced potatoes, 8 boxes of HoneyMoon ceral, 8 jars of hot sauce, 8 boxes of mac and cheese, 8 boxes of granola bars, 16 differnt kinds of noodles...a whole lot more but I can think of everything right now! We have groceries for the whole neighborhood! I made Sam come over and get some! I guess we will both be taking some to work. There is so much that we don't have room in our pantry! I was putting dishes away and opened the cabinet for bowls and found pork and beans! Oh my, how long will this last?

Friday, October 10, 2008


It's been a week or so since I posted. A lot has happened. I was sent, rather driven, home from work last Friday from work b/c my blood pressure was too high. The only time I had blood pressure issues was my last month of pregnancy. NO! I AM NOT PREGNANT! So I went home and Sam came over to "heathersit" me while Jeff and Jordan when to the big exciting Wylie Pirate game. All weekend my blood pressure was high. It was never under 140/90. So I went to the doctor on Monday. It wasn't high then! haha That's how it always works. Thanks to Sam for watching Jordan for me. He did blood work and all that turned out to be okay. My cholesterol is a little higher than it should be, but they aren't worried about that. They decided that it is either stress induced or hereditary. I had to start meds that make me feel crazy. I hate them! I can't focus on anything. Like right now, I should be working on homework or school work, but I'm not! I will probably stop working on this and go do that in a few minutes. That is how my life has been this week. I now know what it feels like to have ADHD. I feel for those poor kids that have it. It also made me fell like my body was dragging. It is like two extremely opposite feelings at the same time. Not Fun! Well today I called to tell my dr. that my blood pressure had leveled out on the low dose of the meds and told them how it makes me feel. She said she would talk to the dr. and call me back. She called back right away and said...STOP TAKING THE MEDS!!!! I was jumping for joy in my classroom. Melodie, one of the teachers I share a room with, was laughing at me! She said to see if my blood pressure goes up without the meds and if it does she called in water pills for me to start taking. Don't really know what they are, some have said they are like a diaretic, so that won't be such a bad deal! hahahaha She did tell me that they won't have any side effects! That is awesome!
Not only has this been going on with me, but I had to take Jordan to the Dr. b/c I thought he might cough out a lung...He has RSV and there is nothing to give him. His body just has to work through it. Poor baby. It makes me feel so bad for him when he starts that nasty coughing.

Whew...What a week! I will keep ya updated on the blood pressure thing!

Cute Jordan moment: (mom told me to blog about this one!)
Man! There are so many lately. It is official, Jordan has gotten too smart! No really, he has!
He was sitting in my lap this afternoon at mom's house and started his nasty coughing. I said to mom "We really won't be going to t-e-e-b-a-l-l tomorrow." And she said "and not the g-a-m-e tonight right?" Jordan was quite for a minute and said..."But I really want to play in my teeball game tomorrow." WHOA!!!! This kid scares me. There was nothing said before about teeball or games or anything. SO NOW I CAN'T EVEN SPELL IN FRONT OF MY KID TO HIDE THINGS!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's October

Well it is October 1st if you didn't already know that! Today is mine and Jeff's 9 year anniversary from the last official time we started dating! Does that make sense to all of you! TEE HEE! We were "boyfriend and girlfriend" when we were younger b/c it was cool to have a boyfriend. We "went out" in 5th grade and 7th and 8th and broke up and started "going out" again freshman year...and here we are today! I love him still! haha
I guess I can take some pictures of our old pictures and post them! Don't make fun!

This is us at our first highschool dance...It was not our first dance together, our first one was in 7th grade and we got a limo...yes I was/am spoiled!

This was the homecoming dance...I think the only year we went b/c they were lame! Freshman year of, I guess I was kinda cute then braces, big bangs and all!

Same weekend and I look totally different! haha! Look at my mum freshman year...I said I was spoiled right!

Needless to say, I still love my husband! He and Jordan are the lights of my lives and I know I don't tell them enough!