Friday, July 31, 2009

Funny Boy

For those of you who haven't heard about our plumbing issue yet, I need to give you the background story about that before I can tell you how funny Jo is. Early this week Jeff was showering and the drain started backing up. He tried fixing it many ways that night, Draino helped but the toilets still weren't flushing right. Thursday Jeff's dad came over and snaked the drain. Jeff was standing in the yard and kept hearing this "dink" "dink" "dink". If finally dawned on him what the sound was...

Another flashback here...Our trees decided to die on us this year and the dreaded Home Owners Association told us it was city ordinance that we have 2 trees in our front yard and if we didn't we would get fined each time they came out. So we got the trees dug up (thanks to Jeff's brother) and planted new ones. They were on sale! That made me happy! After Jeff got the trees planted he ran to the hardware store to get stakes so the new trees wouldn't blow away, the Royse City hardware store only had metal stakes...
--Is it clicking for anyone yet? YEP! The "dink" sound was the stake! Jeff drove the stake through our sewage drain!

So on to the story. Jeff thinks he found a way to repair the drain without replacing the whole thing and digging the yard up! He was out there working on it last night, laying face down in this nasty sewage whole with Jordan standing over his shoulder the whole time. Jeff said it was the cutest thing, he just kept questioning him and giving his thoughts on the situation. Here goes...

Jo: What is that?
Dad: The drain where all the nasty water goes.
Jo: Eww Daddy that is gross!
Is that my diareah?
I would NEVER do that!
Dad: You might when you get older and have a house.
Jo: Nope, I'm not doing it.
Dad: What, are you going to make your 5 year old son do it?
Jo: No!
Dad: Your wife?
Jo: No! Well, yeah, I will make her do it.
Dad: I don't think she will want to dig in the poop water either.
Jo: Too bad, she is going to have to.

I know he had a few other funny snipits in the conversation, but I wasn't out there to hear them. This is me retelling what I remember from Jeff last night. We laughed for a good 20 minutes at our son!
I had no idea this happened until I started telling Jeff how funny it was when Jo came running int he house yelling "Daddy said I could help, I can help, I can help! I need to get him a screwdriver from inside the house! I need a screwdriver cause I can help! I think I saw one on the counter! Let me go get it! Mommy, is this a screwdriver? I get to help!" He was so stinking excited that he couldn't slow down!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our 4th of July!

This year to celebrate the 4th of July we spent most of our afternoon outside with the Carters. The kids played on the Slip-N-Slide and sprinkler while the adults played some washers!
Peyton cracked me up all day! He did the silliest things!

Andi had a little too much power in her slide this time! Too funny!

Cameron made the mistake of starting to push the kids down the slide and got stuck doing it for a while!

Papa Jim, Jordan has a new Texan phrase we need to share with you...While zipping down the slip-n-slide he yells "This is DAARRRN TOOTIN' FUN!"!!! For those of you that don't know the background to why this is so funny to me, I will share the story. I was the first one of the family to be born and raised in Texas, the rest of them are from Iowa. I have always been teased for my Texas twang! One day I told Papa Jim that it was "daarrnn chilly" outside. That is been a phrase the whole family continues to use! I Love that MY son has the same twang I have!

After we played in the sun, we dryed off and grilled some dogs and had a picnic in our backyard. Harley really liked the droppings when we finally let her back outside!

Soni had a great time playing on the slide!

After dinner us big kids played another round of washers. The first game was boys against girls, the next game was Buckleys against Carters. Sam and I had our own little competition going to see which one of us would be able to get the most points. Sam kicked my butt! Not only did she kill me in our competition, she is the reason her team won, she scored nearly all their points! She was quite proud of herself and did a little happy dance in the back yard! Too bad I didn't catch it on video!

I hope everyone had as a great of a day as we did! God Bless America!