Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I guess you can call us true fans!

So I have told you about the Twilight series that most everyone I know has read or is now reading. Well the first book, Twilight, is coming out in movie on the 21st of this month. I found out, from Charise, that Rob Pattinson who plays Edward, the main vampire in the story, is in town TODAY at the Hot Topic at the Galleria in Dallas. In order to get in to meet him you have to have a wristband. But they went on sale this morning at 6 am. Ok now to the good part...I went! Wait, don't get too excited, I didn't end up getting a band to meet him this afternoon. It was insane! I should have gotten one but there were phsyco people that took off running too early and pushed all us good people out of the way! My friend Amber and I drove to Dallas at 1 am and stood outside under the overpass for I635 across from the mall. We stood from this time until 6:20 this morning! It was crazy I tell you! When we got there, we were probably about 50th in line and only 500 got in. We were a shoe in! Even when it got messy and people were pushing forward we were safe to get in. This really was a team effort...Sam kept Jordan this morning so that I could do this crazy deed to get the both of us bands to come back to meet the guy that we don't really even like! haha It just seemed fun! Thanks Sam, YOU ROCK MY SOCKS! LOVE YER GUTS! Charise and her friend showed up and stood in another line to try and get us tickets. Amber and I had to hold on tight to each other to not get split! We ended up getting pushed out from under the overpass, which was alright b/c it made us move further up! But...at 4 am it started storming again...NOT SO GOOD! We got in an umbrella with two girls in front of us but it only kept our heads dry, we were SOAKED, STANDING ON A STREET CORNER, IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS! Sounds nice huh?! The police kept telling us that if you were running or pushing or anything you would get arrested and put in jail for 12 hours! We were on our best behavior! But when they let the STUPID PEOPLE FROM THE HILTON HOTEL LINE UP BEFORE US....THE HUGE MOB WE WERE IN TOOK OFF RUNNING AND ALL HOPE WAS LOST. =( We ended up getting up through this CRAZY mob and to the front again. I was almost face to face with a security quard for him to count me in the door and the Hot Topic manager comes over to tell the mob that "ALL BANDS ARE SOLD OUT! THERE ARE NO MORE BANDS TO BUY" I was so upset! All that suffering in the horrible weather for 5 hours and no sleep last night FOR NOTHING!!! But I do have to say, it was an experience I have never had, and I don't regret being a silly girl and taking a chance for Amber, Sam, Charise, Amanda, Candace and me to get in to see him! I was planning on surprising Staci with the shirt I was going to get autographed for Christmas. Edward is her FAVORITE character from the book! I think it would have been AWESOME!

But...Amber and I made the news!!! here is the link! After I watched in on the net, it was on the T.V. like 3 more times, and it didn't cut me off on the T.V.! haha Crazy Stuff I tell ya!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have to share this video with you! These are some of my friends at work! I so wanted to be in the video but I was out sick with Jordan that day... Aren't they fun?!

Here is the original they went off of...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What in the world??

Saturday I talked Jeff into taking me to dinner and to see Fireproof (GREAT MOVIE BY THE WAY!!!) and we ended up being an hour early for our movie. We were walking around waiting and decided to sit and wait. We were sitting by the exit of the theatre and at one point you see a group going out the exit and before the door closes...2 teenage girls and a little boy come running in the doors. The girls are probably about 13-15 if that and the boy I would say was anywhere from 7-10. The girls are dressed very raunchy, showing their stomachs and short shorts. Each have a red bandana hanging out their back pockets. First I think..."Wow, sneaking into the movies and no regret" b/c they all walked into Highschool Musical 3. I complained to Jeff about the poor kids that are living this lifestyle, and then....The 2 girls come out of Highschool Musical and leave the boy their by himself. So not only did they sneak into the movie, but they left this young boy (who looks very tough mind you) alone at the theatre at 10 pm so that they could go do who knows what!!!! I just feel so sorry all them to have such lack of morals or for that fact parents to keep up with them. I'm sure the parents left the girls in charge and this happens all the time for this family. I just hate to see it. People shouldn't have kids if they aren't going to teach them right from wrong and take care of them. Believe me...if you had seen these kids, you would feel the same way...they are neglected. ARGGG
Ok, I'm going to step off that soap box for now! Thanks for listening and please pray for the many children that have to live this lifestyle!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cute Jordan Moment!

Jordan has been complaining that his toe hurts for the past couple of days, but I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Finally I decide to look at his toenails...He had the beginnings of an ingrown townail. I cut it out and everything was fine. I told Jeff about it and that I cut it out, and Jordan says "You cut out my ANGRY TOENAIL? Wow!" =) Too cute!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Here is the toolbox cake I made for Mandi's grooms cake! Thanks to Sam and Aubrey for coming over and waiting until 10 to watch Grey's!! And the extra hands for support!
OH and thanks to Cameron for mirror imaging the logo for me and bringing it over! You rock!NANANANANANANANA My Batman!!!

Aren't our kids cute!?

YEP! The cutest kids on the block!! Glad we have such great friends!