Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Rangers!

Last night we went to the Ranger game (the lost) with The Carters and The Crookstons. Jared got us all tickets for $3, we are thankful for that since we are so broke right now! We sat way up high, but they were really great seats behind homeplate. Jordan liked that he could see everything. The kids seemed to really have a good time, even Soni. Either that, or Cameron did a really good job of hiding her crying on the other end of the row! I took some pictures of the kids...
Dylan and Jordan both make the "smile too hard" face!

Mommy and Jordan!

Soni likes Cracker Jacks too!

Andi's foam finger!

Dylan made his own "foam #1" finger! And one for Jordan too...that is a peanut shell!

Baby Tate!

Noah and Jordan chatting during the game!

This is about the time the blue dot fell down...Jordan was NOT HAPPY! Sam on the other hand is clapping in the back! haha!

Peyton got a second wind after nearly falling asleep on Cameron!

Soni looks so cute!

Rally Hat!! It didn't work...we still lost!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh good I found a couple...

Here are a couple of pictures that I did take of Jordan with his buds at the library! I'm not as much of a loser as I thought! hahaSo you can't see their faces, but the three kids sitting in front are, Jordan, Andi and Noah.That's Sam and Peyton!Soni is so sweet!That's Tate...isn't he cute? Run Tate, Run! Everytime we go to the library, he likes to run from Aubrey!

Jordan had an issue making a "girl necklace" during craft time until I told him that he could give it to someone. Of course he wanted to give it to Staci, not his mommy!

Andi, Tess, Aubrey and Noah working on their necklaces.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

For my dad!

I just had to share this one for my dad! Jordan loves to pick up Papa's paper in the mornings when I drop him off before work. Today for some unknown reason there was a paper thrown in our yard. When we got home from the grocery store Jordan saw it and got so excited, "We have paper like Papa, I have to get it!!" I thought it was sweet.
Papa and Jordan reading

New to this!! Here we go...

So...my friends Sam and Aubrey have been talking about blogging and I thought I would start something new! I think this will be a great way for family members that aren't close by to keep updated on things in Texas!
Jordan and I have had a wonderful summer so far. We are very sad that it will be over soon though. We have been spending a lot of time with our neighbors, The Carters and their friends we were introduced to, The Crookstons. The Carters have 4 children, Andi-5, Dylan-4(next month), Peyton-2 and Soni-8 months. The Crookstons have 3 children, Noah-5, Tess-I think 3, and Tate-1. We love going over to Aubrey's house for playgroup on Thursdays. Wednesdays we go to the library with the whole bunch and then to McDonald's to play! It can be a little hectic lugging 8 kids around the big town of Royse City, but we do it! haha! I am going to be very sad to see the next 3 weeks of summer slip by =( Of course I have been a dingbat and not taken many pictures with Jordan and his buddies! He has always loved Andi and Dylan, but now Noah is a new buddy he always talks about. You would think AndiDylanandNoah was one word!

Here are some pictures of Jordan with Andi and Dylan last summer...I know I need to take some! I will!

Cute Jordan moment today...
We were playing Go Fish! and we were only saying the letter on the card instead of Ace, Jack, Queen and King. Jeff asked Jordan for an Ace and after telling daddy, "GO FISH!" he asks for a Quess(not sure how to spell it) but you get the concept right, like ace with a q. I thought it was extremely cute, just had to share!

Here are some pictures I have taken of Jordan this summer!
Swimming at Debbie's!Gettin' ready at Memaw's

First time fishin'!

Jordan had a blast at VBS this summer!