Thursday, January 12, 2012

Constipation... Thanks Jo! haha

To explain the title I will first give you some background info.
This is me about 2 weeks ago on New Year's Eve with my sweetie.
This is not how I want to look anymore, nor has it been for a long time. I always told myself that when I got a classroom job, that I would join a gym with the higher income. Thanks to my insurance, that I usually complain about, I joined several gyms! Their fitness program is dirt cheap compared to gym membership fees and I am allowed to go to any of the gyms on their list. As soon as I learned about it, I was convinced it was for me. I signed up and was ready to go! I just figured I would go to 24 Hour Fitness after school but the little fitness center here in town was on the list too. I decided to try it out and LOVE IT! The lady (that's what I will continue to call her becasue I am HORRIBLE and can't remember her name) said she would be my trainer as well as my nutrionist and I get to pay NOTHING!! Did you read that? NOTHING! I went 6 out of the first 8 days and missed the next three days thanks to STREP! AGAIN! Nobody is happy about getting sick, but I think I was more mad at the fact that I couldn't go to the gym! I love it I tell ya, LOVE IT! Today was my first day back in and I had to take it kinda easy considering I spent the last 3 days in bed, but it felt good to go. I can take Jordan with me and he can play in the kids room, so far he likes it. I usually go while he is in bed though, easier on me and I don't want him to get burned out.

Now to the story...

We went to the gym today and I took Jo with me. The only stipulation of letting your kids play in the kid's room is that you make sure it is clean when you leave. I was helping Jo put a puzzle on the shelf as we were walking out and handed him my water and this is how the conversation went...

Me: Here hold this for a second; but don't drink it, I'm still a little sick.
Jo: (as we are walking into the area where all the other people are) But your aren't constipated anymore.
Me: What? I was never constipated.What are you talking about? (Looking around to see who now thinks I have constipation)
Jo: Huh? You know, when you can get other people sick...
Me: OOOOHHHHH Contagious! Not constipated!

Funny Kid! Hope nobody heard him though!