Monday, July 18, 2011

We are loving our summer!!

Let's start with some fun pool pictures of my boys!

We have had a couple of firsts and a FINALLY this summer!


Jo got chiggers! Yikes, no fun! We went camping for the 4th of July with Jeff's parents and he got a ton of chigger bites.

Jo learned to blow a bubble with bubble gum! They were just tiny little bubbles, but bubbles none the less!


Jo can now ride a bike without training wheels!! We were starting to think he would never do it. Part of that would be our fault becasue we didn't let him practice very often. All the house in our neighborhood are front entry and we had a scare when he was smaller of a truck almost backing over him on his bike so we just didn't go that often. I'm a big loser and still haven't taken a picture of him riding but boy is that kid proud of himself! I will take some pictures soon and get them on here.

Other big news:

Luke Riley Thomason is finally here!!! He is so handsome! I just love my little "nephew"!