Friday, July 2, 2010

Let's get this off my chest...

So my friend Sam has become a super blogger while I...haven't posted in how long?! hmmmm
While reading up on her blog today, I decided to join in and link up to Living in France for F Bomb Friday.
I have been in a particularly bad mood for a week or so thanks to Texas A&M Commerce. Why, you ask? I have been taking classes to finish my Elementary Education degree for 7 years now! Seven! I know! As I posted before, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I will finish in December of THIS year! Since attending Commerce, I have been able to get my tuition paid in full by the state of Texas because I am an elementary aide in Wylie. It has been such a blessing...until now! I filled out all the needed paperwork and sent it in just waiting to see my tuition balance go back to $0. I'm still waiting...It ain't happenin' no more. First, I get an email saying I forgot to fill in one of the questions on the application. Done. Check it off the list, I fixed it and sent it back. Not an hour later I get a email that is titled "Denial Letter". I went through all the emotions possible at once; confusion-that couldn't be right, laughter-haha she's kidding, anger-what the crap? Why?, and sadness-wow, I'm going to have to pay for all of that myself? GET A TISSUE, THIS GIRL CAN'T STOP CRYING! Poor Sam was on the phone with me when I got the email and I am pretty sure I completely cut her off in whatever she was saying to have my own pity party. Sorry!
What I have come to learn from this so called "financial aid advisor" from the college is that I was denied because my husband made a whopping $3,000 more last year and it put us over the limit that deems us needy. It just makes me so mad because Jeff gets paid by commission, so we never know what his check will be each month. Way to go Honey, you worked your butt off and look where it got us...DANG!
So anyway, here it is a week or two later and I'm still pretty ticked off about it. I thought maybe if I blogged about it, I would get it off my chest-so thanks for that!

If you need to vent and get it all out...write your own F Bomb and link up with Mimi.