Saturday, May 2, 2009

I DON'T!!!!

We were driving to Granny's Thursday afternoon and I was too busy thinking about all the crap I have to get done to realize what song was on the radio until I hear Jordan's comments in the back...

This song was playing and Jo yells, "I don't!!!"
Me: "You don't what?"
Jo: "What he wants to do."
Me: "What does he want to do?"
Jo: "You know!"
Me: "No, honey I wasn't listening"
Jo: "Kiss a gir, I don't want to do that"
Me: "Ohhhh, okay."
Jo: "Except you mommy."
Me: "Why b/c I'm not a girl?"
Jo: "No you are a girl. I don't want to kiss a girl I don't know like he does!"

Too funny!

Jordan's Birthday Party....little late I know!

Jordan's party was nearly a month ago but, here are the pictures! It was Nascar Race Day so we rented out a building here in town and I taped off a race track for the kids to race their big wheels and I borrowed some scooters from coach for the bigger kids! Jordan got some great stuff from some great friends! Thank you to everyone!

I really hate the way the 8's on the car turned out, but other than that I was proud of my first Nascar cake!

Let's go racin'!!!

Jeff wanted to play with the big kids! Too bad he LOST!!

Jo just wanted money to buy his Wii and cars! lol (by the way, he ended up with enough to buy the Wii)

Sarah and Hayley!!!