Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fire Me!

Okay BlogWorld...I need to be fired! I haven't posted since...BEFORE Christmas! Let me fill you in first by the few pictures I might have taken...
Christmas 2008
Here is the big bed Santa brought and built for him!

I know you have all be just dying to see THE froggy tent that Jordan was obsessing over before Christmas!! Here it took up the whole living room!

Check out his face when he saw it! Priceless!

When he saw the Hulk Hands he said, and I quote "Look guys! I got something I didn't order!" Yes, now Santa takes orders! Yep, that is my greedy child! He shows the signs of the "only child syndrom".

Sad day at the Buckley house turned it to a cute picture day for Harley and Marley. We had Jay and Reese, Kevin and Jamie and Cam Cam and his girlfriend Paige over to watch the Cowboys' last game. Had they won, it would have been their ticket to the playoffs, but that didn't happen. Anyway, Jay and Reese had been in Wylie for a week so the dogs were with them when they came. Harley is so scared of other dogs it is ridiculous! Here is Marley (who is 1/8 of Harley's size) trying so hard to play with Harley. The pictures turned out cute!

This New Year's Eve I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MY MAN...CHRIS CAGLE!!! Every year, for the past 3 years, I have wanted to go see him at Billy Bob's! It was great! Jeff and Jay were so sweet, as soon as we got there, they took us out to the crowded dance floor (if you know them, this doesn't happen often!). Jeff kept turning me around and round so I could see Chris Cagle!

So since New Years I had decided not to take classes this semester b/c of the lack of money. I was however going to be a TA for my science professor from last semester. When he found out I wasn't taking classes, he informed me that I could not TA. Crap! I was going to make $600 doing that! Well, to make a long stressful story short...he found me some scholarship money!! Not only did I get signed up for classes and it will get paid for, being his TA will count for the second half of the course I took with him last semester and I will get paid! YAY! God is good all the time!

Well that is the short version of the last month! I will TRY to post more often, but no promises!