Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've decided!

My family needs a Wii! I know what you may think; it is just a gaming system really and we have a PS2 from when I was in high school that still works, Jordan has the original Nintendo that Uncle Jay and Aunt Reese gave him, oh and Jordan got a Nintendo DS from Nana and Staci for his 4th birthday! But really we NEED a Wii.
My sister stayed the night with us and brought along her Wii last night...yes it is very portable! Although, she did totally forget the actual controllers you kind of have to have to play the dang thing; but it was okay, Cameron from next door saved the day!!! He brought over not only his controllers, but I pleaded for him to bring his Mario Kart game and wheels too! OH MY GOSH!!! WE NEED A WII!! I say this for my physical and emotional mentality! It gives you a great workout, that's the physical part...But it was also the most free fun Jeff and I had together in the longest time! Not to mention, I was finally able to beat him in bowling in our lifetimes! Just because it was not real, does not mean I did not beat him!!! And of course I had to do my little happy dance every time I did good! We laughed and poor sister shut the door so she could get some sleep around 10:30 but ya know... We just had too much fun and I think we NEED one!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rants and Raves for the week so far!

Let's start with some good stuff!
I took Jordan to builderbear (build a bear) for his Valentine's present and he had so much fun! He named it Jo =) I will take a picture of him and Jo when he gets feeling better and post it.

We ate a Texas Road House Friday night...great food! One of our favorites, if you haven't been, you need to try it!

We went to Ashton's birthday party on Saturday. Ashton is Jordan's new sitter's son; they are the same age and get along really well!

Cam Cam's baseball team had a dinner, silent auction and live auction event on Saturday that seemed to earn them a lot of money for the season! We had a good time and Jordan was very well behaved!

Now I need to rant...
Jordan has the flu! Not fun!

When I went to fill his tamaflu at CVS they let me turn it in and go home to wait 3 hours, just to find out they were all out of tamaflu and have been all week! Wonderful!
Walmart did have Tamaflu for $75!!!!!!!! My gosh! This sucks!

It is bittersweet that I am home for at least 3 days with Jo, but I have no more days at work so I am getting docked and his Valentine's party is Thursday, don't know if we will be able to make it =(

The stupid campus bookstore at Commerce had their shelf labeled wrong for one of my classes and I bought the wrong book. I had a quiz due Monday night and realized I had the wrong book on Sunday night!

I went to explain what had happened to the bookstore manager and she was a word I should not post for the world to read! I wanted to hop over her little desk and beat her with the unneeded textbook! But I didn't, instead I had to sell the book back for a measly $24 when I bought it last week for $115. Then I had to turn around and buy the right book for $105. Don't you just love that? ARGGG

Jordan's fever got up to 104.5 last night and Jeff and I were freaking!

The President's speech thing last night ruined the dvr recording of The Bachelor so now Sam and I will have to watch it on the computer with no skipping commercials!!!

Let's end with some more Raves...
The girl working the counter at the bookstore felt bad for me and gave me $20 pay for the book. I felt bad taking it, but she says she understands this stuff isn't fair and she does it all the time.

Sam and Aubrey have been real helpful with the stupid fever issue and have been super sweet calling to check on Jo the past couple of days.

Mrs. Kayla, the new sitter, is too sweet. When I called to let her know Jordan had the flu she told me that the kids had already decided they wanted to make brownies when Jordan did get to come back to make him feel better! Isn't that just so sweet!?

Sorry this post was a little different that normal, but that is what has consumed our lives this week! 12 hours of school and 40 hours of work just doesn't leave me much time to post, but I will try! We will be started teeball again this season so I will have some cute pictures to post then!!