Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Baking...Jordan style!

Jordan and I made some goodies for Christmas tonight!

I love this one...he looks like he got caught licking the mixers!

Cookies for Santa!
Yeah! Sprinkle Time!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello again!

So I have been crazy busy the past week or two! Just so much to get done before Christmas! Since I last posted, we babysat Soni while the Carters when to build a gingerbread house at the school. I just thought it might be easier for them to help the other kiddos if they didn't have to hold Soni the whole time...and I love keeping babies!! We also went to Matt's birthday party. Matt was one of the students I spent half my day with last year, while doing inclusion in Debbie's class. Matt means the world to me, and Jordan too! We had a good time and I can't wait to go see him over the break! This weekend we drove to Houston to watch the WYLIE PIRATES play in the State Championship! Yep, we packed up at 7:45 and headed for a long drive to Houston. I was in the front with Jeff, Larry and Carla (inlaws) were in the middle seat and Jo was in the very back. Jeff almost ruined my big suprise for him the night before! I was waiting for him to fall asleep so that I could shoe polish the car to death! I planned to completely deck out the car with Pirates and what not. Well the guy wouldn't just go to sleep! He was too pumped up to sleep! Finally I told him I had to go get my contact solution out of the car. Poor Cameron was kicked to the couch so we could have his bed, so he was still awake and came outside to help me. I forgot all my ribbons I was going to use on the door handles upstairs with Jeff so that didn't happen! But I didn't get all the windows done and Cam put the flag on the car. When we went out to get in the car the next morning, Jeff's reaction was "Holly cow! The shoe polish fairy visited! Cool!" He walked all around the car and thought it was cool. Except the dang cheap stuff ran with the morning dew. We grabbed a towel and when we stopped for gas, the windows were dry so we could clean up the mess and redo the writing. When we got back in the car, Jeff says "I feel so much better now that our words are fixed!" He wanted all the other Wylie people on the road to see us! haha! It was a pretty cool drive when every couple of miles you saw another car that was all decked out for the Pirates! We would either honk or wave or both! It was fun! Too bad the Pirates lost...the offense just really sucked it up. Deffense did great! But they needed help from the offense to win the game! Jordan and I had fun, he would ask me all kinds of questions throughout the game and I would teach him about football....yes, me! Can you believe it?! I hope I didn't screw him up! haha! We stopped at this amazing tex-mex place called Cafe Adobe in the Woodlands on our way home. That was our Christmas present from Larry and Carla. Works for us! Give us food and we are happy! Larry and I decided we need to make another trip out there just for the food! Jeff not so much, poor guy drove there and back and was so tired. We didn't help much when we all feel asleep on the way home!! All in all it was a good day--minus the Pirates and the Cowboys losing!

Last night we had Christmas with Jay and Reese. They came out to Royse City and we exchanged gifts and Jo and Jay played all night! Jeff slept on the couch! ha! We have a tradition that every year we buy each other a game. We used to play games all the time, but since they moved to Fort Worth, it has been difficult. But they will be back soon! They got Jo a racetrack and a dart nerf gun. I think Jay had more fun then Jordan! haha! It was a good night!

Well that is the "ketchup" version of what has been going on! We hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! If I had gotten my act together, you would have gotten Christmas cards from us, but I didn't so here it is!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Santa....

So... everytime we asked Jordan what he wanted for Christmas he would say "Cars and a Froggy tent". Of course he had the wish book for WalMart, Target and Toys R Us. He would go through each book and check the age, the price and how much you save if you buy it; if he liked it, he would circle it, if not he would put an X on it. But when you asked him and when he saw Santa on the train he wanted Cars and a Froggy Tent. Aubrey helped me find this crazy Froggy Tent he wanted so badly one night when she, Sam and I went shopping. I was giddy, b/c I found the 2 things he desperately wanted!!! I was on top of the world, b/c I knew Jordan would be so ecstatic.......I made the mistake of asking if he wanted to write a letter to Santa...Here's how it goes...
Dear Santa,
I want a Black(he made me capitalize it b/c he likes the 2 humps better) Spiderman car, a froggy tent, a skate board truck with an arena in it, a hot wheels track, another Legos lightning with doc and king. I also want the race track that goes with them. I want a Mickey Mouse race track set and a Mickey Mouse Club House with the persons, I mean characters (I promise, I didn't correct him! Too cute!). I have a lot on my mind. I want more DS video games and Wii video games just for when I have a Wii.
I want to know everything about being Santa Clause. What do you have to do when you are Santa? What does rudolph do everytime he has a shiney nose?
I have been a really good boy this year!
Well Crap! He wants a lot now! hmmmm...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chuga Chuga Choo Choooo

Santa came to Wylie on the Kansas City Express last week! We went, stood in line for an hour and a half! But we really enjoyed it!

Jordan says this is Thomas the Train dressed up as a candy cane!

This is Katy, they were in line in front of us. She told Jordan she loved him! It was pretty cute!

"Santa, I want cars and a froggy tent"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The last post about Twilight..........for awhile......

For those of you who didn't know...Aubrey, Sam and I went with some of their friends to see the midnight showing of Twilight on the 21st! We met up at 8:30 and went to dinner at Chipotle and headed off to get some cheap candy for the movie. We made it to the theatre a good 2 hours or more BEFORE the movie was to open. There weren't lines outside so we were really thinking we were good on time, until we got inside! There were 2 or 3 different lines. Ours ended up getting to go in at 10:30, well that is when we realized we were going in...and the theatre was nearly full at 10:30!!! We ended up having to sit in the 3rd row if we all wanted to sit together. Sam called her mom to let her know she could give her a full update on what the inside of Bella's nose looks like!

I didn't hate the movie, but I didn't love it either. I knew that it wouldn't be anywhere close to how amazing the book is, so I wasn't disspointed. I would go see it again if someone wanted to. I think I would love to watch it from the middle of the theatre!

Here is the group minus Sam and me. Sam was hiding from the camera and I was taking the picture!
Sorry Sam, this is the best we got...real flattering of the both of us huh? This was before all the "fun" began

Our first music program...a bit of a late post!

Here are the pictures from Jordan's first music program! He was such a ham. He danced his little booty off!

Check out his face while he is wiggling his bum!